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Orgasmic Yoga

  • Par B.L.eux 5425 Avenue Casgrain #200 Montréal, QC H2T 1X4 Canada (map)

ORGASMIC YOGA (OY) is an embodied and collective somatic learning activity of self-touch and dancing. It is not yoga and it is not about orgasms. The objectives are to stretch your capacity for pleasure (‘orgasmicity’) by shedding shame and insecurities, and to focus on bodily expression rather than performance. 

🦄OY is an activity inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities and ages (18+)🦄


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT from an Orgasmic Yoga session :

🌏 we gather in a circle but have our individual space (towel and/or mat)

🍃 there is an optional middle space for further dancing/moving

🔥 the duration is 35 to 45 minutes

🍋 we begin with a short exercise to learn techniques relating to breath, movement or somatic awareness (15 minutes)

🌻 everyone navigates their pleasure in their own time and as they desire

💫 you can follow the music, your impulses or create your own score

🌊 you can also follow the proposed score for that day

💚 nakedness is welcome but not mandatory

⭐ no physical contact or lingering eye contact is allowed

🎻 music will be a playlist of different genres

🔫 all toys and props are welcome (noisy ones allowed for short periods)

🦄 Gerard will be DJing the session and holding space for the group (ie. making sure the guidelines are respected)

🛁 Everyone brings their own towel and/or mat. If you think you might get sweaty or really wet bring an extra towel. Some hygienic and pleasure products will be available but participants are expected to bring their own.



September 26th

October 2nd

October 9th

October 16th

⛄ About Gerard’s relationship with Orgasmic Yoga :

I was introduced to Orgasmic Yoga as part of my Sexological Bodywork training this year. When I started practicing OY regularly I began to notice my habits and discovered new ways of enjoying my body. Much of this included dedicating time to being with myself, placing attention on different parts of my body, and consciously choosing the type of breath I wanted to use. Afterwards I felt more relaxed, alert, curious and focussed in everything I do. Practicing OY in a group added to this by helping me heal from body shame and social stigmas especially around nudity in public. It made me feel supported, seen, and more generous towards myself and others.


🐉 Orgasmic Yoga is a term coined and a practice developed by Joseph Kramer Ph.D. with input from Sexological Bodyworkers. Other sources: Martha Tara Lee book  “Orgasmic Yoga: Masturbation, meditation and everything in between"


🐣 10 dollars at the door. Please arrive on time. Doors will close at 7:05pm and the session will begin. Once the door is closed, no latecomers will be allowed. This is out of respect for the practice and the group. Thank you for understanding.


🍋 Gerard is available for individual and couple Sexological Bodywork (SB) sessions. For more info on SB sessions and to book an appointment with him please visit: or email:


Note: Gerard is trauma-informed. This workshop welcomes all people, however if you have experienced sexual abuse or trauma, it is imperative that you have processed these experiences with a psychotherapist before attending this workshop. If you have questions about whether this activity is for you, don't hesitate to email Gerard at the address above.

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